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Saturday, November 18th, 2006
10:06 pm
Oops! I apparently never mentioned here that I got too lazy to post my usual way a few months ago, and temporarily moved my journal to lovemanythings.net/blog.html So, if you've been staring at lovemanythings.net/archive.html for the past few months, wondering why there is nothing new, you can blame me!
Sunday, May 7th, 2006
6:09 am
*tap...tap* Is this thing on?
Well, hello there, internet! So nice to see you again. You look great! Love what you've done with your hair.

I've hardly been online at all lately- my e-mails overrunneth, all the e-bay auctions I'm interrested in end before I check back on them, I'm totally out of touch with everyone, and I'm so far behind on reading Pink is the New Blog that TomKat's baby is probably already ruling an alien planet and I haven't heard about it.

I'm off work tomorrow (today? It's 6am, so I guess it is today.) so I've been scurrying around the web trying to catch up on the things I've been missing. SO much stuff!

I'm hoping to go out to Silver Dollar City today to catch the very last day of World Fest- at least if it doesn't rain. Again. Rain has become my arch nemesis. I am so over rain. It starts every single day as I'm driving to work. Evil, evil it is! It even went all tornado on me while I was at dance class Wednesday, and we ended up having to quit early, which resulted in me driving really really fast the 50 miles home, trying to outrun the evil storm. Is it wrong that I wanted to just keep dancing through the tornado sirens?

My limited online activity lately has mostly been limited to MySpace (the one thing I seem to be keeping up with) and obsessively watching all of the cheap airfare sites for my plane ticket for Visit Kelly 2006! I was much too poor to make it to her wedding, so we decided to hit Scarborough Faire again, instead. Then when I discovered they had a Pirate Weekend, our minds were made up- that's our kind of shindig! I've been nagging many of my friends to come, too, because seriously, who wouldn't love pirate weekend? You get to run around saying Avast! and Arr! I just need to come up with a costume, because I will gladly jump on any reason to get dressed up. (Speaking of such, mi amiga Tiffany is having a superhero themed birthday this year, and I need to come up with a superhero (or preferably supervillian) to be. Suggestions?) I've been watching the stupid airfare for over a month now, and I appear to be screwed. It dropped down to about $220 about three weeks ago, but I was stupid and didn't buy it then, and now it's back up to $350. I soooo can not afford that much money to fly out there. $200 I can do, but 300's are way too much! I also really don't want to drive this time, either. Last time it was fun because I stopped in Oklahoma on the way to visit some friends, but I really can't afford to take more than three days off work this year, and three days of Crystal-Kelly shennanigans are not even close to enough, but if you take out most of two of those days for driving, it's just not worth it.

I really need to get back to work on my plan to become an eccentric millionare.

Also on the schedule for summer? Mexico the end of June, some local ren faires with my dance girls through May and June (there are a ton!) and the usual hotel shennanigans, which as of late has mostly included training new people. We have been through an insane number of front desk people so far this year, and I'm awfully tired of training them all! One was fired for sleeping, two were fired for not showing up their second day, one quit, blah blah blah. I'm not even going to learn their names anymore. There's no point! Of all of the ones I've trained, three are left- one just started, but is pregnant, so she won't be around more than a few months. Another is frequently being described as the male version of me, but I haven't spent enough time with him to see if that's actually true yet, and the third frequently causes me to hide and bang my head against the wall. She's one of those people who is nice and all, but just does such annoying things that being around her is like nails on a chalk board. The most annoying thing is that she says "and stuff" constantly. Drives me nuts! "So.. I was working last night and stuff, and this guy called and stuff, and he made a reservation and stuff, but then he asked where we were and stuff, and then I got something to eat...and stuff...." That is seriously not even blowing it out of proportion- it is exactly like that! And she gets there a half hour early every night, so I am stuck there listening to it...and stuff. Arrgh!

So, that sums up most of the plans for this summer. I did get an exciting new addition to next year's schedule, though- Katie and I were talking about the Kentucky Derby, and decided that next year we'll do it up right- I'll fly out there, we'll wear gigantic hats and garden party dresses and drink and bet on horses and scream at the TV, and have a lovely time. My entire year until then will be devoted to finding the perfect hideous gigantic hat. And the beauty of the plan is that if things work out just right, the Derby will fall at the same time as Star Wars Weekends at MGM, so I can have two exciting things to do at once! Now if only Ray Park will be there...

Now that I've rambled on much longer than I intended (This was originally going to pretty much say "Hi, guys! Remember me? I'm not dead!), I'm going to crawl in bed with my cat and a book, and read till I sleep. I am so excited to finally have a day off with nothing (other than possible theme park visiting) to do! I intend to enjoy it to the fullest!
Friday, December 30th, 2005
10:47 pm
I never post on here anymore, but I have 13 minutes to kill before I go home, so what the hell!

I'm planning to write a regular journal update soon, so much has been going on since I last posted! We had the big Christmas Eve shindig at my house, which we now know goes so much smoother in a bigger house! Just having enough room to spread out and not constantly be stepping on each other helped a LOT.

I've now shown up to and survived two dance troupe practices, which is quite the feat since my teacher has been saying "You need to start going to troupe practices on Wednesday!" for literally about a year now, but I am just now actually doing it. It means I have to drive up there at night, which I don't like doing because for some reason, despite being a major night person, put me in a car at night and I just want to sleep, which is frowned upon when you are driving. I have a disgusting looking rugburn on my foot from doing floorwork, and some bruises on my knees, but otherwise I'm still alive, which impresses me. The class is interesting, because I used to attend the beginner class simply because it fit into my schedule (it was held right after my private class), but it wasn't a good spot for me to be- takign a class that's too easy let me get way too lazy, and not push myself at all. It's a big change to now be the one struggling, and to be (by far!) the least experienced. And when I say least experienced, I mean by far! Hanging out after class this week, someone mentioned that they were coming upon their *nine year* anniversary of dancing, and someone else said they were almost to six. Crazy!

I am in love with the choreography we're doing in the troupe- love love love. It's a tribal fusion piece, set to music that I already had and loved (a mix of Bassnectar's "Ananda Enchanted" and various Pentaphobe songs, including my favorite, teltar aprendun). It is amazing to be doing this slow, slinky, sort of trance-like piece after just learning a Bandari one, which is very upbeat Iranian folk dance with lots of clapping and energy.

And now it's time to go home, or to Wal-Mart for hair dye, because I believe that a new year calls for a new hair color. Tomorrow is my last day of work! Much more journaling to come in my upcoming unemployment! Woo!
Tuesday, June 28th, 2005
1:08 am
It's almost time for the Blogathon and Project Blog again, and this year I'll be blogging to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. You can read about them at blogathon.org, project-blog.org, and doctorswithoutborders.com, respectively.

I wanted to ask for some help in advance this time- This year I'd like to post some kind of Top 5/Top 10/Top Whatever list once an hour or so, or just to fill in on the hours I'm too caught up in something else to come up with a real post. So what I'd like from you are ideas for lists- things like Top 5 Countries I'd like to visit, Top 5 Uses for Tallulah Jane, etc etc. And if you happen to have any other ideas for what I can post about, throw those my way, too!

I'll let you know when the websites open for sign-ups, in case you want to participate as well, and also when they start accepting sponsors. In fact, now's a good time to set aside $5 from your next paycheck to donate to a charity when the time comes. I don't care if you sponsor someone other than me, but please donate to something you believe is worthwhile!
Sunday, May 15th, 2005
10:58 pm
Updating just to play with my new icon. Also, I got a new job! More about that at my regular journal.
Sunday, April 17th, 2005
5:59 pm
Anyone else think I need to go grocery shopping?

Friday, March 18th, 2005
7:43 pm
My site now has message boards! Woo!


They're still pretty empty, go fill them up!
Friday, February 25th, 2005
6:30 pm
Jobs I'd like to have in my lifetime-

Travel agent
Travel writer
Used bookshop owner
Travel show host (ie steal Samantha Brown's job)
Hotel owner (somewhere with fun themed rooms or something. Preferably on a beach)
Zookeeper- preferably with camels or primates or giraffes or tigers!
Ferryboat driver at WDW (perferably the WL-FW-MK circut around Bay Lake- it's so pretty!)
WDW Tour Guide
Tour Guide for european tourists- leading them around castles and telling the history and stuff
Movie Theater chick (maybe projectionist?)- free movies!
Video Store Chick
Photographer (of what I'm undecided. Maybe photos for travel magazines)
Taste Tester for Ben & Jerry's, or maybe Hershey's or Nestle.
Waitress (I have never waited tables! Seems like something you should do at least once in your life, if only for a couple of weeks.)
Movie makeup artist- Doing prosthetics for a show like Buffy would rock, too!

Good thing I have a short enough attention span with jobs that I'll probably fit in at least half of these!

Post yours!
Tuesday, February 15th, 2005
4:17 pm
I named her Apple, and I think we will be very happy together!!!

Monday, February 14th, 2005
11:03 pm
Just to balance out Candi-Kelly's recent conversation postings--

Crystal: *packs you a bag of citrus fresh monkey soaps*
Candi: awww
Candi: i thought that said citrus fresh monkey soup
Crystal: Hehehe!
Candi: and was like 'well she always was a bit odd"
Crystal: that would be....
Crystal: really disgusting
Candi: i know. citrus SO does not mix well with monkey meat
Candi: :-/
Crystal: I know, flamingo is really your meat of choice if you want to use citrus
Candi: or if you want monkey you really should try a heartier base. like tomato
Crystal: exactly!
Crystal: it's great if you add a little parsley
Candi: i was thinking asparagus too
Candi: chop it up really fine
Crystal: you can barbecue your monkey meat, too, but it's not the same
Crystal: okay, we're weird.
Tuesday, February 8th, 2005
4:07 am
If LJ Were a Bar by Karen_Walker
Dancing Badlykellyme
Playing Poolpsymonet
Playing Dartsloali
Singing Karaokeslateblues
Got in with a Fake IDjulesmd
Guy with a Mulletdispatchedheart
Too Drunk to Standpsymonet
Hitting on Everyonejulesmd
Hot Chickloali
Quiz created with MemeGen!

My web host seems to be down tonight, which makes me frustrated. Grrr.
Wednesday, January 12th, 2005
1:00 am
I added a notify list to the archive page of my journal (www.lovemanythings.net/archive.html), so those of you who are too lazy to just check on a daily basis can go sign up! Tonight's post includes a kitten photo, for you guys who have been bugging me.
Tuesday, January 4th, 2005
11:25 pm
New posts are finally up at lovemanythings.net/archive.html!

Which movie? by travel_crazy
Favourite colour
You belong in
And your co-star should bekrysm78
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Monday, January 3rd, 2005
1:24 pm
Guess who finally found a copy of MS Office! Hooray!

Look for future updates at lovemanythings.net/archive.html
Saturday, January 1st, 2005
3:17 pm
Save me?

My 14-year old nephew was at my house for most of last week, which wasn't all that bad, but then on Thursday, two of my nieces (7 & 10) came, and were planning on staying till Sunday, but are DRIVING US CRAZY, and thus are going home today.

One of my birds died last night :( Not quite sure what was wrong with her.

I'm on a huge rampage today to find my MS Office CD so that I can update my web page again! I'm not stopping until I find it!
Thursday, December 30th, 2004
10:25 pm
An end of year survey thing, stolen from both Jim and Kellylu

Read more...Collapse )
Saturday, December 25th, 2004
6:28 pm
Merry Christmas, everyone!
Friday, December 24th, 2004
10:11 am
it's 14 degrees, the heat in my half of the house still doesn't work, and won't be warm till Monday, and now our water pipes have frozen!

Send warmth, please? (And can I borrow someone's shower?)
Wednesday, December 22nd, 2004
1:00 pm
It's freaking COLD here! 23 degrees, which the weather channel says feels like 9, but we have concluded feels like -50. I'm trying to convince mom that a beginning of the new year trip to Vegas would be a really good idea. I am happy with anywhere warm, and she is easily persuaded by slot machines.

I finally) just got to blow out the candles on my birthday cake, almost 2 weeks late. Further proof that we're really, really lazy around here. Funny, because I usually don't procrastinate things involving chocolate!

I just finished burning a CD of Christmas music, to make my driving around in the (stupid, evil) snow today a little more holly-jolly. I wish I could find my Garth Brooks Christmas CD, but I ahve noooo idea where it is. I've been in the mood to get things organized lately, but it's so COLD in my half of the house that I come down here with good intentions, and then immediatly go into hibernation mode- curling up in the Chair in front of the TV under lots of blankets.

I just read over last year's "Year in Review" (http://www.lovemanythings.net/journal04/0102.html), which I had completly forgoten about doing. Maybe I will do it again! Or, maybe I'll just go curl up in the Chair with blankets & dvd's. Okay, so in reality, I'll just pile on every article of clothing I own and go to work.
Tuesday, December 21st, 2004
11:21 pm
Until I can actually upload all of my photos, I give you a mini collage!

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